Neuro Linguistic Programming
:  NLP(TT)
Part/Full Time
:  Full Time
:  2 Days
:  Level 1
Local fees(£)
:  625+VAT
Certification time
: Immediateley on completion of in-clas excercises


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of what works in thinking, language, and behaviour. It is a way of coding and reproducing excellence that enables you to consistentley acheive the results that you want both for yourself, and for your life.

NLP allows you to take control of your experience of life, realising that we are all unique, with individual experiences, gifts and potential.

The tools and processes taught in this course will give the attendee a very strong grounding in the primary principals of NLP. They will leave the course having been taught, and having practised these tools and techniques on each other - experiencing the power and effectiveness from both coach and client perspective.

These tools and techniques are invaluable to anyone interesed in improving their effectiveness in whatever walk of life or business they are in.

Are you happy with the results you are getting in life?

Albert Einstein famously said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results". Are you expecting different results, ye continuing to do the same things?

If you keep doing what youve been doing, you'll kep geting what youve been getting.

Perhaps you're being held back by limiting belief about yourself such as "i'm not good enough", "i'm too shy", "i don't have the confidence". By attending our NLP based courses, you will acquire all the tools, techniques, and skills you need to change the wa you view yourself and your results.

Our NLP training courses are taught by City & Guilds certified Master Life Coach and Master NLP Master, Kieran Kelly. Kieran's wisdom , wit, energy, and enthusiasm will challenge, inspire, and lift you to greater things. Our training courses are designed with maximum opportunity for you to practice so that when you leave you are equipped with the skills you need to achieve success.

Having completed this couse, you will have taken the first step to attaining certification as an NLP certified life coach and will be able to help others to transform their lives in the same way you have transformed yours.

Course Structure

Our course includes:

- 2 days fast track, highly interactive training (weekdays or weekends)

- Hands on experience in both coaching and client roles

- Training materials

- Refreshments

You will learn:

- Basic presuppositions of NLP

- The ultimate learning & presenting state

- Goal creation & envisioning

- Sensory acuity

- Representational systems

- Building instant and lating rapport

- Chunking - "they who control the level of the conversation, control the conversation"

- Anchoring - accessing and invoking desired emotional states instantly!

- State elicitation - eliciting powerful emotional states in your team members

- Collapse anchors - essential for abolishing negative emotional anchors

- Neural bridge - for those difficult and deep negative anchors

- Hypnotic language - youcan... and you will!!

- The clarity model

Pre-requisites to join

No previous experience in NLP is required; this course is designed to teach ou everything you need to know to complete your level one certification.

You will however be asked to fully participate in all exercises, give 100%, and 100% an most important of all, have fun whilst learning.

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