:  CLP
Part/Full Time
:  Full Time And Part Time
:  15 Days
Local fees(£)
:  1500
Certification time


Close Protection is known by most of us as "Bodyguarding" - a service provided to people who feel they may need protection from one thing or another. Most commonly celebrities are the common user of this service due to the increasingly difficult private life they have to live.

As public exposure to these idols has changed so has the role of the "Bodyguard". That is why Future Training is offering an SIA Close Protection course. This course offers outstanding value with the course being split into three units:

Working in the Private Security Industry

Working as a Close Protection Operative

Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry

Course will take place over 15 days (weekday & weekends)

Course Structure

The course is split into a range of modules and are as follows:

Threat and Risk Assessment - When moving from one destination to another then the close protector has to take into account the numerous potential risks and prepare for each of them.

Surveillance awareness - This module goes through timing of required actions and ensuring surroundings are safe

Operational Planning - Planning in advance safe travelling plans

Law and Legislation - education on the law and what that means for you and the way you have to work to "bodyguard"

Interpersonal Skills - learning how to deal with multiple personalities and how to deal with situations safetly and prevent any unneeded aggravation

Close Protection Teamwork - Working together with multiple Close Protectors to "Bodyguard"

Reconnaissance - Knowing alternative routes in order to avoid any unnecessary hassle

Crisis Management 

Communication and Management Skills - controlling and deciding who gets to talk to your charge.

Vehicle Formation

Pre-requisites to join

No pre-requisites are required to enrol in this course however candidates must be minimum age of 18.

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