:  Personal Licence Holders (NCPLH)
Part/Full Time
:  Full Time
:  1 day
:  Level 2
Local fees(£)
:  120
Certification time
: 15 days after successful completion of exams


The course is delivered over 1 day with all the information you require to complete the qualification. This is a single unit qualification, assessed by a 40 question multiple-choice examination. Successful candidates must achieve a score of at least 28/40

Course Structure

Who is the course for?
The Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders is a qualification aimed at anyone working in or preparing to work in any industry that involves the retail sale of alcohol. It is a pre requisite for anyone who wishes to hold a personal licence Persons gaining this qualification will be aware of the requirements of Licensing Act 2003 and the specific duties of a personal licence holder in relation to the law. It is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol by retail to be a personal licence holder. The law requires alcohol sales on licensed premises to be made or authorised by a personal licence holder.

Individuals applying for a personal licence must hold an accredited licensing qualification such as the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (NCPLH). The qualification is accredited by Secretary of State at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and has been designed to meet the statutory requirements of the Licensing Act 2003. Furthermore, whilst comprehensively covering the full framework as set down by the Government, the qualification is extremely straight-forward, user-friendly and free from unnecessary jargon. It also provides excellent value for money without compromising on quality.

The aim of the qualification is to provide candidates with essential knowledge of the legal framework surrounding the sale of alcohol in England and Wales. This includes key information on the responsibilities of personal licence holders, duties of the Designated Premises Supervisor, the role of licensing authorities and police powers regarding licensed premises. Achievement of the qualification forms an essential part of the personal licence application and will enable those selling or authorising alcohol sales to operate both legally and responsibly.

Pre-requisites to join

(1 day course)

There are no pre-requisites for this qualification. It is advised that candidates have a minimum of Level 1 in literacy or numeracy or equivalent. Arrangements are in place for special needs.

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