Hair Colouring
:  Hair Colouring
Part/Full Time
:  Part Time
:  12 Days
:  Diploma
Local fees(£)
:  575
Certification time
: 12 days


This course is about changing hair colour using temporary, semi-permanent and permanent products. You will develop skills to colour a full head, re-growth and the creation of highlight and lowlight effects. On completion of this course stylist would be able to incorporate this knowledge with any hair Colour lines in the industry.

Course Structure

Course Syllabus

•Health and Safety
•Customer Care
•Client Consultation
•Choosing the best technique
•Learn the principles of formulation and how to
manipulate colour
•Proper sectioning patterns
•Learn sectioning patterns for different haircuts
•Formulating colour for use in foils
•Proper application of colour
•Colour finishing techniques
•Colour Theory
•Achieve predictable colour results
All the courses will cover :

•Professional ethics
•Client consultation and record keeping
•Safety and hygiene in the workplace
•Contra indications to the treatment
•Preparation of the client and materials
•Anatomy and Physiology
•After care advice

What will I receive when I complete the course?
Once you successfully complete the Advanced hair cutting  training course you will receive The Fami Institute Diploma. This will enable you to obtain public liability insurance.

Our Beauty Courses are recognised & accredited with the following Professional Bodies:

The GPBT (The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists) also offer insurance cover.

Pre-requisites to join

No previous experience is necessary to complete our Hair Colouring Course.

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