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It is very difficult for the majority of non-speaking English to read life in the UK or a citizenship test hand book therefore you can do ESOL with the citizenship material test. We offer you this course to improve your English to the standard required by obtaining the certificate for listening and speaking test.

The home office requires you to obtain an ESOL Skills for Life Certificate and a college confirmation letter of ESOL training with citizenship material. Our tutors are required to cover, explain and discuss the various aspects of life in the UK.

Here at FTC we do the speaking and listening part of the test only, you are not required to do any reading or writing as per the home office instructions. It is very helpful for those who come from overseas on spouse visa and have no knowledge of English or someone who has no formal education at all. we are here to help you for your training and test.

In order to book for the test, initially we need to assess your level of English and depending on that we will be able to give you the training required.

After the assessment we register you at the centre to attend classes regularly and give you material to practice at home. You can practice speaking at home to your family member in English, which can be very helpful for you to use later on as well for daily life.

FTC will issue a college letter once you pass and obtain your certificate and you complete the appropriate Home Office application form to submit both certificate and college letter along with other required documents to the Home Office.

FTC has helped many satisfied individuals pass the ESOL with Citizenship test. If you would like FTC to help you then please call us on the above number.

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